Guide for Understanding and Solving the Boiler Whistling Problem

Boilers make our lives comfortable and warm. They are designed to heat the property and also fulfill the heating and hot-water demands for years. It is a necessary luxury that is worth every penny spent on it. The boilers have to work hard to offer us warmth and luxury and on occasion, they can falter.

Maintenance of the boiler is important for keeping in perfect condition. If you start to whistling sounds from the boiler then it is a fair warning that there is something wrong with it. Some faults are simple but others can be serious and dangerous so it is better to hire a specialist instead of handling the problem yourself.

Why is the Boiler Whistling?

There are different reasons for boilers to produce a sound similar to kettle boiling. Understanding the reason is important for finding the perfect solution. Here are a few reasons that the boiler is producing whistling noise.

  1. The boiler uses the heat exchanger to heat the water. If you live in an area where there is hard water, the lime deposits can build up on the heat exchanger and hinder the flow of water. The hard water has a high proportion of lime as compared to soft water. When it heats the salts become insoluble and settle at the bottom of the exchanger.

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As the water flow is restricted the water gets trapped in the exchanger and starts to steam as it becomes too hot and boils. The boiling leads to expansion of water and causes the whistling sound.

Other debris from the system like sludge can also accumulate around or on the heat exchanger and lead to the problem of kettle noise.

  1. The boiler can encounter the problem if it is not installed properly. Proper and efficient installation of the boiler is crucial for safe and efficient functionality.
  2. The incorrect settings of the boiler can also lead to the production of kettle sound.
  3. If the boiler has a faulty thermostat then it can lead to the problem of whistling sound as well.
  4. The problem of kittling can occur because of the stuck an old pump.

Misconceptions about Boiler Whistling:

People often jump to the conclusion that the boiler is likely to explode when it starts producing a whistling sound. But you should not panic because the new models of the boiler are equipped with safety controls that will lock the boiler will turn off before things get out of hand. They have pressure relief valves that make sure that the boilers do not explode.

How to Solve the Boiler Whistling Problem?

You can easily take care of the whistling issue with the help of simple solutions. Here are a few ways you can solve the problem and prevent it as well.

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  • If there is a problem with the heat exchanger then you need to replace it. When you have an efficient heat exchanger, the boiler will function without any problem.
  • Power flushing system is also effective in solving the problem.
  • Fitting a magnetic and electrolytic scale inhibitor
  • Adding all liquid inhibitor to the system

If you are concerned about the whistling noise of the boiler you can contact here for more detail.