As we all know, a towel is a piece of cloth which is made up of such kind of fabric that is used to absorb the moisture from the body. But the towels which are provided to the hotel is different and the fabric used in it is of very good quality and absorbs the moisture a lot better.

There are numerous types of towels which are available globally and especially the administration of many hotels try to provide such towels to their guests which can serve them in a much better way.

Mostly the towels with cotton fabric are preferred. The other materials may include; rayon, terry cloth, honey comb fabric, micro fiber, etc. Every towel is unique and every material give different texture and quality to the towel.

The towels we use at our home are different than the ones in the hotel rooms. Often we are surprised to see the varieties and qualities of different towels provided by the hotel groups. Some of them are as follow;

Wash cloth:

A small squared hand towel is termed as wash cloth, it is not only used to absorb the moisture but can also be used while showering(as a cloth to apply soap on the body). Dead cells from the skin can be removed by applying soap with this cloth.Abrasion also increases by doing this. Similar kind of vinyl banner printing can be found in these towels.

wash towel


A rectangular shaped small towel, which is used to wipe the hands , which is mostly found near the wash basins is called the hand towel. This is one of the most used towel’s type.


The towel which is the most being used is the bath towel, whose basic purpose is to dry up the body after having a bath. Its typical size is around 30×60 inches.


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Larger than a bath towel is the beach towel. Although the main purpose of beach towel is to provide a surface for one to lie down on the beach. Also can be used to dry the moisture form the body it is also used for wiping sand from the body.



The one which are used in gym are called sweat towels. They are also used in work out area in the hotels. They are same like a hand towel, same in size but what makes them unique is their absorbing capacity and the quality of the fibre used in them.