The best practices are practiced by people who care about their looks and want to look presentable. We all know that pregnancy is an anxious time and the mother wants to ensure that any medical treatment she receives is safe both for her and her unborn child. So even when looking for that perfect smile, a pregnant woman will want to evaluate her options before getting a dental treatment. Here are some factors to consider;

  1. Let your dentist know you are pregnant immediately you are aware of it. Let him know of any medication you are currently taking and how long you are due. If you have any complications with your pregnancy, your physician and dentist may agree that some of your dental procedures be postponed.
  2. Pregnancy and gingivitis. Due to the hormonal changes in your body, you may develop this condition which is characterized by swelling of the gums and bleeding during brushing and flossing. If left unchecked, it can lead to more serious dental problems.
  3. Pregnancy increases the risk of tooth decay. Craving of certain foods during pregnancy may lead to increased carbohydrate intake. This may lead to decay. Morning sicknesses also increases the amount of acids in your mouth. Bacteria work on this acid to cause decay.
  4. Local anesthetics during pregnancy are safe to use for both you and your unborn child. Studies have proved that these treatments have no side effects on the child and the mother.
  5. X rays during pregnancy may be taken but with caution. Your dentists will cover you with a lead apron so that radiation is minimized on the abdomen area. Your throat should also be covered to protect from throat radiation.

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