Summer is a great time for everyone; we all look forward to kicking back and relaxing in the beaches and parks. However, your skin is more prone to UVA rays during summer than at any other time of the year. This is why even as you plan your holiday and itinerary you must ensure that the safety of your skin is factored in; heat and sun protection are a must. Just a few tips here and there and you’re able to keep your skin glowing all season. Just like you alter your wardrobe during summer, you’ll also need to change your skin products in order to protect it.  Here’s what you should do in summer to ensure that your skin is well protected;

  1. Keep yourself hydrated; this means that you’ll need to take plenty of water and fluids all day. Take sufficient water in the morning, sip fresh juice or an ice cream during the day, and basically keep hydrating yourself. It helps a lot.
  2. Avoid direct sunlight; direct sunlight should be avoided at all costs! The UVA rays will age your skin pretty fast and tan your skin (although this is not a bad thing). You can start by doing your errands early in the morning and late in the evening when the sun’s intensity isn’t so much. Also, use a hat and long sleeved clothing when walking in the open sun.
    Best Skincare Tips For This Summer
  3. Sunscreen; always apply sunscreen to your face and lips. It’s the surest way to keep them moisturized even as the heat bakes everything else around you. You’ll need to apply enough Sunscreen and do so frequently in the course of the day. will help you get the best, most effective sunscreens and a mist to help keep you protected all day long. There are quality oil free sunscreens you can count on to keep you well protected.
  4. Cool shower; lastly, cool or cold showers in summer are more preferable to hot showers. If you’ve been out and sweating, a cool shower will help clear the skin pores and reduce any chances of developing acne.

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