Want to ensure whether your workplace is safe and secure and your business is protected enough? Then backgroundchecks.com is the best tool that you would require. There are a number of things that might affect the suitability of the subject for your business, so it is your responsibility to ensure that the profiles of the candidates are spotless. So, if you want to perform a thorough US people search, then backgroundchecks.com is undoubtedly the perfect place to start.

Background checking is inevitable things to consider

This website is known for offering a wide range of personal and business related information. On the personal side, here the individuals can perform national criminal background checks on themselves while obtaining copies of their driving records. This is highly necessary for people, who like to know the details that can be disclosed by background checks.

On the perspective of business, employers can request criminal database checks for the employees that search several jurisdictions. According to the backgroundchecks.com reviews, this company has the largest database of criminal conviction in the US. The database includes identity checks that verify that the name of the subject matches the offered social security number. Therefore, the employers can search the state, country and federal courthouse records of the employees. Besides, additional verifications and screenings are also available on this site that ranges from education verification and driving record verification to drug testing services. So, this works as a complete suite of products that can help the employers to have complete details about the applicants.

How to sign up for this website?

Signing up for this website is also quite straightforward and easy. The website of backgroundchecks.com is really well-organized and user-friendly. And this directly leads the users to the things that they need while explaining all the things that they want to know about the services along the way. All one needs to do is to enter the desired data and therefore the system will do the rest. So, whether you are in search of a reverse number search or if you want to find a person, then you can get your job done with the help of backgroundchecks.com. Users can contact this company by making a call or by sending an email.

Types of searches backgroundchecks

Types of searches available on this site:

  • Direct searches at the specific courts: This search uncovers criminal records from the country courts. It includes details from a number of countries in a specific state.

  • Verification services: This type of search includes reference verification, employment verification, professional license verification, and education verification. All these things are important to check whether the applicants are truthful while creating reference letters and CV.

  • Multi-jurisdictional instant criminal database search: This type of search mainly combs through the largest database of criminal conviction with known aliases. This thing allows users to look into millions of criminal records from different states.

  • Additional searches: This search runs the following details of an individual like driving record report, social security number, credit report, and drug screening report.